How to Buy a Used Car in Nigeria - The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

How to Buy a Used Car in Nigeria – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

30 May 2019

Step 1- Set a Budget

Before thinking of buying a car, it is very important for you to consider how much you earn. Your monthly income is a very key factor that will determine if you’ll be able to maintain any car you’ve decided to buy. Do not make the mistake of buying a costly car you wouldn’t be able to maintain or buying a way too cheap car that will cost you a lot to maintain.

Step 2- Find Out The History of The Car

Even though it may be very difficult to get the actual history of a car from the seller who may be protecting their interest, it’s very crucial that you find this fact before closing the transaction. Find out how long the car has been used for and if it has suffered an accident by watching out for bumper cracks, repainting, windshield, panel and door gaps, car’s body lines as well as any sign that the vehicle has been worked on. Alternatively, you can get the Vehicle Identification Number on the driver’s door and go and check it on AutoCheck or CARFAX to get a free vehicle history report to know all about the car you’re buying.

Step 3- Research The Seller

Our duty at is to bring buyers and sellers together to ensure a smooth transaction, but to be on a safer side, we strongly recommend that you know whom you’re dealing with before making any payment.

Step 4- Get a Well-known Brand and Model

In order to avoid spare parts issues when your car needs repair, consider buying a car that has parts that are easily accessible and affordable.

Step 5- Take a Mechanic Along

A good and honest Mechanic will let you know if the car is in good shape or not. Take one along with you to know what he thinks.

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