Mistakes To Avoid As A First Time Car Buyer

Mistakes To Avoid As A First Time Car Buyer

18 March 2019

Getting your first car can come with either positive or negative experience, depending on if you did your due diligence or not. Avoid the following mistakes to ensure getting your first car doesn’t become a nightmare you’ll like to wake up from.


  1. Being desperate to buy

While you might be tired of hopping from one commercial vehicle to another coupled with some issues like vehicle breakdown, reckless driving of commercial drivers among many others, you should avoid rushing to get your vehicle as this might be detrimental at the long run.


  1. Not following basic checks

Request for basic things such as custom papers, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and original car documents. Also, ensure it doesn’t have engraving, enter the plate number in FRSC data base to confirm if it’s not stolen, take a photo with the car along with the seller for future reference.


  1. Buying to impress

When you buy to impress, you’ll end up buying the wrong car and for the wrong reasons. Don’t make the mistake of buying an expensive car when you’re an “average income earner”. Buy car that you can afford without going bankrupt.


  1. Buying a car that consumes fuel

A car that consumes too much fuel can be frustrating and eat too deep into your pocket. Avoid it to avoid packing your new car at home whenever the price of fuel skyrocket or when you can’t afford to fuel it.


  1. Buying for aesthetics alone

Don’t be deceived by the beauty of a car, it might have been repainted. Do proper checks.


  1. Thinking you’ve got a cheap good car

A cheap car will always come with problems and faults from time to time. Check well or choose to avoid it so that you won’t be spending more than the money used in getting it or going back to trekking.

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